Exacerbate the Misery




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album Exacerbate the Misery by StasisEXACERBATE THE MISERY is a collection of older and obscured recordings from the American Experimental Sludge/Doom Metal band STASIS.It features recordings that date from 2002-2005.It features tracks more in a Grindcore, Hardcore, and Funeral Doom style.A very diverse offering indeed.Michael Leonard Maiewski is known for being in the bands Stasis, Exacerbate, Seahorse Battlefield, The Lotus Petals, Darktower, Necrolepsy,Pair of Dice, the Potion, Green Wizard, and his funeral doom solo outingMisery.Michael Leonard Maiewski also plays drums for the bands Devil Dinosaur and Highfather, bass for the bands Bleak Silence and strings and vocals for Retro Grave, a duet with original Trouble drummer Jeff Oly Olson.And started his own label Succulent Records.

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