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About the album Further by Sam Smith

album Further by Sam Smith"ASL met Sam Smith at a funky barbeque a few years ago and immediately took a strong dislike to the guy. While we hung out in the corner trying not to spit on people when we spoke, good looking rooster Sambo posted up on the back deck and spent the afternoon slaying both his guitar and the ladies. Hailing from Port Lincoln in South Oz, Sam grew up surfing and playing Led Zeppelin around campfires but thankfully avoided becoming the next Xavier Frankenjohnson when he took off to Sweden and joined a jazz band. Now back home and living in Fremantle, Smith has just released his first full length album Further, and it’s great. Away is a standout track and Before Now features Waifs dude Ben Franz plucking away on the double bass. Smith’s voice is tender and striking, occasionally reminiscent of Paul Dempsey from Something For Kate, and over half an hour Smith backs it with sharp guitar work and original, catchy tunes. 4/5"

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