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album Meddle by Pink FloydMeddle is a classic Pink Floyd album recorded and released in 1971, which contains Echoes, one of their longest compositions. A few tibits of information about this album: The song "Echoes" was the entire side B of Meddle. "Echoes" was also featured on the Pink Floyd feature length, crowd-less show video, titled "Live at Pompeii"The lyrics of the song "One Of These Days" has only one sentence and it was spoken as opposed to being sung. That Line was : "One of these days I am going to cut you up into little pieces" .The song "Seamus" was used as the opening credits music for the independent Film "Rosencrantz And Guilenstern Are Dead", starring Gary Oldman and Tim Roth. This fictional film was based on the 1970's play of the same title.In the song San Tropez, there is a reference to eating a peach on a sofa and playing a particularly favorite guitar of Roger Waters, a Gibson Country Style.

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