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There are two bands named Kickball :1) No two Kickball shows are the same, but whether the group is in a sparkling new club, a dive bar or a dingy basement, the Olympia trio always seems to embrace and exploit the inherent awkwardness of each performance. In a small venue, Kickball sets up in front of the stage and makes it seem even smaller. Band members turn their backs on the crowd and carry on unintelligible conversations between songs. Singer-guitarist Jacob Wilson treats shows like disastrous first dates, his Robert Smith-meets-Will Oldham voice fluttering to each corner of the room in search of a window, his lips seldom touching the microphone. Somewhere during the band's set, each eccentricity becomes endearing as Kickball counters its introverted awkwardness with the kind of warmth and intragroup chemistry veteran jazz groups long for. First Kickball makes you blush; then it makes you wish more bands could be this good and, moreover, this free to be itself. (From the Willamette Week in Portland)2)American rock band comprised of John Gillespie as guitarist and vocalist, Mike Garrigan on bass, John Plymale on drums. It was through John Gillespie that Mike Garrigan was introduced to Nic Brown and Mark Kano from Athenaeum ..Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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