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album D-Sides by GorillazD-Sides is a 2007 compilation album by Gorillaz. The album contains B-sides and remixes from singles and bonus tracks for the band's second studio album Demon Days. It was released on 19 November 2007 in the UK and on 20 November in the United States and is available in standard and deluxe editions.The standard Japanese edition features two extra tracks while the Japanese deluxe version has no extra tracks. The creature on the album cover is Pazuzu.D-Sides performed similarly to its 2002 predecessor, G-Sides, reaching #63 on the UK Album Chart, while it only managed #166 on the US Billboard 200 chart.BackgroundIn a 2006 interview with Verbicide magazine, band members were asked if a new remix album would be produced for Demon Days as there was for Gorillaz. They answered that it was a possibility and that might involve the Space Monkeyz again. In the same interview, they were asked if there might also be another G-Sides. Again, their answer was that it might be possible. In January 2007, websites began listing a March release date for a Phase 2 B-sides album. One of the websites, musictap.net, later pushed this back to 3 April. According to Gorillaz-Unofficial, the reaction of official parties behind Gorillaz is that the release date is just a rumour for now. On 29 August, musictap.net reported that the B-side album would be titled D-Sides and would be released on 20 November. On 18 September 2007, the official Gorillaz fansite confirmed the release of the album, as well as unveiling the album artwork and track listing. D-Sides was released on 19 November 2007 in the UK and on 20 November 2007 in the U.S.Track listingAll tracks by GorillazUK, U.S. & Deluxe Japanese versionsDisc one"68 State" – 4:48"People" – 3:28"Hongkongaton" – 3:34"We Are Happy Landfill" – 3:39"Hong Kong" – 7:15"Highway (Under Construction)" – 4:20"Rock It" – 3:30"Bill Murray" – 3:53"The Swagga" – 4:58"Murdoc Is God" – 2:26"Spitting Out the Demons" – 5:10"Don't Get Lost in Heaven" (Original Demo Version) – 2:29"Stop the Dams" – 5:39Disc two"DARE" (DFA Remix) – 12:14"Feel Good Inc." (Stanton Warriors Remix) – 7:24"Kids with Guns" (Jamie T's Turns to Monsters Mix) – 4:22"DARE" (Soulwax Remix) – 5:42"Kids with Guns" (Hot Chip Remix) – 7:09"El Mañana" (Metronomy Remix) – 5:44"DARE" (Junior Sanchez Remix) – 5:26"Dirty Harry" (Schtung Chinese New Year Remix) – 3:53"Kids with Guns" (Quiet Village Remix) – 10:08Standard Japanese versionDisc one"68 State""People""Hongkongaton""We Are Happy Landfill""Hong Kong""Highway (Under Construction)""Rock It""Bill Murray""The Swagga""Murdoc Is God""Spitting Out the Demons""Don't Get Lost in Heaven" (Original Demo Version)"Stop the Dams""Samba at 13""Film Trailer Music" (Worldwide Unpublished Tune)• "Rock It" enhanced videoDisc two"DARE" (DFA Remix)"Feel Good Inc." (Stanton Warriors Remix)"Kids with Guns" (Jamie T's Turns to Monsters Mix)"DARE" (Soulwax Remix)"Kids with Guns" (Hot Chip Remix)"El Mañana" (Metronomy Remix)"DARE" (Junior Sanchez Remix)"Dirty Harry" (Schtung Chinese New Year Remix)"Kids with Guns" (Quiet Village Remix)PersonnelÁshildur Ákadóttir – PerformerMagnús Andersen – PerformerÓlafur Bielawski – PerformerHörður Bjarkason – PerformerEric Broucek – AssistantWei Man Chen – ZitherNeneh Cherry – VocalsHou Shih Chieh – ErhuJason Cox – Producer, Engineer, MixingThe DFA – RemixingJames Dring – Programming, ProducerIzzi Dunn – CelloHans Ebert – Executive ProducerMatt Edwards – ProducerHrafnkell Flóki Einarsson – PerformerJacqueline Fu – Choir, ChorusGorillaz – Producer, MixingLárus Halldór Grímsson – PerformerHugi Peyr Gunnarson – PerformerJ.C. Hewlett – ArtworkJamie Hewlett – Sound EffectsKaktus – PerformerSato Kotono – ViolinCharles Lam – Assistant EngineerOliver Langford – ViolinJoel Martin – ProducerMC Yan – RapKate McLauchlan – DesignAl Mobbs – Double BassJoseph Mount – Producer, InstrumentationEinar Örn – PerformerEmma Owens – ViolaStella Page – ViolaAntonia Pagulatos – ViolinEinar Pálmadóttir – PerformerKatrin Pálmadóttir – PerformerGeoff Pesche – MasteringHaraldur Prastarson – PerformerAlice Pratley – ViolinQuiet Village – RemixingJunior Sanchez – Producer, RemixingSteve Sedgewick – EngineerStanton Warriors – RemixingJamie T. – RemixingTung Tang – Percussion, Programming, Producer, MixingÓskar Völundarson – PerformerMorton Wilson – Executive Producer, GuzhengRossiere "Shadow" Wilson – Vocals (bckgr)Mazy Yap – Choir, ChorusAnn Yeung – ProducerJohnny Yim – Keyboards

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